More than just a “market” in relation to the Coproduction Meeting component, the documentary film symposium is a moment of special importance for exchanges between different professional groups; a moment dedicated to information, to rally and enter a reflection together about economic and broadcasting outlooks for the Documentary genre.

This meeting is made of two key moments:

– A workshop about Fair International Coproduction: broadcasters, producers and directors discuss the documentary economic realities, the difficulties, the prospects and stakes of an international coproduction according to the Lumière Du Monde charter.

– The Coproduction Meeting: Authors/Filmmakers, along with their eventual producer, present their project, first to the assembly for a short period of time, then during personal interviews with professionals that might coproduce the films. They are broadcasters, national and international institutional bodies, Local and European producers. The goal being to help the authors know how to highlight the directing intentions, the qualities of style and content of the film to come, along with its singularity, and, therefore, to convince those who can bring their film to life.


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Saint-Louis 2015