the Docmonde project

The Docmonde association was created in 2012 as a result of the international activities led by Ardèche Images. Docmonde offers script writing and production workshops and organises international co-production forums or “encounters” between producers and directors through several regional programmes that span five continents: Africadoc, Eurasiadoc, Doc Amazonie Caraïbe, Asiadoc, Doc Océan Indien and Doc Pacifique.

From its genesis the intention has always been to closely tie in the creative process of writing workshops with the production phase of the films. During relatively long workshops, each film emerges, enabling it to then be presented to its future partners: producers, distributers and broadcasters invited by Docmonde to participate in the international co-production forums.

The aim of these forums is to create an authentic space where local filmmakers can exchange with both local and international professionals in the documentary industry, so as to unveil the singularity of these outlooks coming from all over the world. It is precisely the unique perspective of each filmmaker that Docmonde strives to support. The infinite diversity of creative documentary cinema gives every participant the opportunity to convey their individual worldview and preserve their multi-faceted, unpredictable realities.

Taking the time to think, write, meet people and network, create, experience the journey and understand is increasingly rare and precious in this era of immediacy and abstraction. This time is essential to the elaboration of authentic and singular creations. It is this temporal space that the Docmonde programmes seek to offer their participants, buoyed by the hope that by distributing such a multitude of different visions of the world, in turn the world might just be transformed.

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