Uncertain tomorrow

by Eddy Munyaneza

BURUNDI, Senegal, Belgium France - 2018 - 70 MINUTES


Burundi, April 2015. The demonstrations against the third term of Pierre Nkurunziza bring together thousands of people in the streets of Bujumbura. A failed coup plunge the country further into repression and violence. Entire families are fleeing the country.
Eddy, director, films the demonstrations, then the first abuses and the victims. His artistic and social commitment weakens his couple, dislocates his family, who decides to leave without him for Rwanda. Faced with the violence that is gaining ground, he too will be forced to flee his country.
Refugee in Senegal, far from his family, he begins a long inner journey, caught in the images and memories of the crisis shaking Burundi.
Nine months later, he went to look for his children in Rwanda. On both sides of the border, he meets those who have remained in Burundi or have chosen the path of exile. Their accounts, often fragmentary and brutal, testify to great uncertainty.




True True Movies

Traces of the South (Senegal)

Neon Red

Great Lakes TV Films


RTBF - Belgian Francophone Radio Television

TVR Rennes 35 Brittany



New Aquitaine region

Department of Charente-Maritime

Procirep-Society of Producers and Angoa

Wallonia-Brussels Federation


2019 : Millenium - International Documentary Festival - Brussels (Belgium) - Belgian competition

2018 : Saint-Louis Documentary Film Festival - Saint Louis (Senegal) - Plein Air

2018 : Traces de Vies - Clermont-Ferrand (France) - Competition

2018 : General Meeting of Documentary Films - Lussas (France) - Sélection Docmonde

2018 : Festival Cinémas d'Afrique - Lausanne (Switzerland) - Selection

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