Who am I?

by Monette Goudet

New Caledonia - 2016 - 52 MINUTES


 This film questions the question of interbreeding in New Caledonia and is based on a series of portraits of young mixed-race people who are looking for their future in a multicultural mode plagued by the referendum deadline at the end of 2018.

Why I felt the need to make this movie. I was a teacher of great students (bac and post-bac). As I organized moments of meetings, Métis students spoke of their “discomfort”, especially of their suffering as a child. Why weren't we talking about it? It was a taboo subject. For me, it was necessary to open a debate on the subject. The trigger also came from a white mother friend married to a Melanesian whose daughter had anorexia at 12, so much she suffered from not knowing where she was.



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2018 - Rochefort Pacific, Rochefort (France): Selection

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