Facilitating production

Just as writing a film is fundamental for its conception, compiling a film dossier is essential for the film’s funding. This is why Docmonde has always considered it crucial to connect filmmakers and producers.

Docmonde’s International co-production forums are thus at the heart of its programme. During these events the filmmakers are plunged into a professional context that they will be confronted with throughout their careers: convincing producers, broadcasters and networks and heads of film funds of the quality of their film projects.
Most importantly these events enable the participants to build up an extensive network of contacts that help them finalise their projects. Out of all the Docmonde-accompanied film projects presented in the co-production forums, up to half of them are brought to fruition, largely thanks to international co-productions instigated by Docmonde. Since 2002 almost 200 films have been produced.

In order to strengthen the production link, Docmonde also organizes, more occasionally, specific training to develop the skills of local professionals: this was the case in West and Central Africa (Africadoc Production project), in South-East Asia, in the Indian Ocean and the Amazon-Caribbean. For Docmonde, the producer also contributes to the artistic development of the project while taking on the contractual issues and the search for funding.

The producer network is one of the many merits of the Docmonde approach, it can rely on dedicated professionals to respect the the Fair Co-production Charter created by the association. This charter protects filmmakers’ rights and ensures that the film ownership rights favour local producers. Docmonde-member producers gather savoir-faire in artistic support, financing, co-production and the promotion of films, essential in an international environment that is rich with opportunity but also increasingly competitive.

Subsequent to the International co-production forums, the Docmonde team closely follows up on the evolution of the production of the films right up until their first screenings.

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