In November 2011, Ardèche Images introduced a new project of trainings and coproduction meetings on a large geographical scale: Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia. This project called Eurasiadoc, financed by European Union and Rhône-Alpes region, allows for the appearance of authors’ new points of view, the creation of a network of documentary professionals and exchange between Europe and Eurasia.   chastye ne za goramin   Three written workshops of documentaries are organized every year in Armenia, Russia and Kyrgyzstan where young directors from 8 different countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia) can participate. For two weeks, the young directors will work on their film project, defending their point of view and explaining their difficulties. Each residency is surrounded by two French trainers. After having worked with them on the writing of their films for many weeks, the authors of the most accomplished projects are selected to participate in the Coproduction Tënk (pitching) meetings, which take place in Erevan (Armenia) during the Golden Apricot Festival in July. These meetings are a good chance for the director-authors to present their projects in front of an assembly of European and Eurasian producers and distributors interested in a possible coproduction, especially in the frame of ‘Lumière d’Eurasie’s 15 films based on a fair coproduction charter. Eurasiadoc proposes to together roll over 10 000 km, from west to east discovering cultures and territories often little filmed by their own citizens.