The DOC OI program

List of countries concerned

Mauritius - Reunion - The Comoros - The Seychelles - Madagascar

The Doc Océan Indien programme was founded in 2011 in Tamatave (Madagascar) thanks to the support of the Rhône-Alpes region and in partnership with the structures Asa Sary (Tamatave), The Geek (Tamatave) and Endemika Films (Antananarivo).

Annual script writing residencies and co-production forums were held in Tamatave from 2012 to 2016. From 2014 to 2016, an annual session of the fundamentals of production organised by Ardèche Images, completed the development programme of the audio-visual sectors in Madagascar, The Comoros, Mauritius, The Seychelles, Mayotte and Reunion.

Since its creation, DOC OI has enabled the production of 14 medium-length and feature-length and 14 short documentary films. Two films are currently in production.

Since 2017, organizations from the Indian Ocean have taken over from Docmonde. Thus, professionals from the different islands of the region have formed the Indian Ocean Cinema Federation: Filmmakers from Reunion, Asa Sary in Antananarivo, PorteursImages in Mauritius and the Comoros International Film Festival in the Comoros. This federation plans writing residencies in each island and brings together the best projects in Reunion Island at the end of the process. In 2020, with the support of the OIF, Asa Sary is also planning a post-production assistance workshop.

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