Dann fon my kèr

by Sophie Louÿs

REUNION, France - 2018 - 48 MINUTES


A scene, a circle, a ron ?! Anne, Carpanin, Francky and other poets follow one another. Their Creole language slams, their feet vibrate on the basaltic earth in memory of the ancestors. Oté fonnkézèr, “detak la lang, demay lo kèr?!” (Oh poet ?! unlock your tongue, untangle your heart ?!) breathes Axel. If poetry had this strange power to help heal the wounds and insults of history, if this poetry was a way of being in the world, then, on Reunion Island, it would be called “fonnkèr” (fond'cœur). The fonnkèr invites us to shift our gaze, like an intimate power that everyone carries to the bottom of their heart.






France Télévisions


Ministry of Overseas

Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts

CNC. Financial contribution to the short film

Reunion region

Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

Scam - Draft of a dream


In 2018: FIFIG - Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix - Île de Groix (France) - Special screening

In 2018: States General of Documentary Films - Lussas (France) - Sélection Docmonde

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