Atlantic produce Togo SA

by Penda Houzangbe and Jean-Gabriel Tregoat

TOGO, France - 2011 - 115 MINUTES


Atlantic Produce Togo is a company that produces and exports ornamental plants. It is located in the Lomé free zone. Because of the benefits it provides to its employees, it is a social model in Togo. When it found itself on the verge of bankruptcy, Tony, a young Franco-Togolese Métis, decided to buy it back, to save this social model and the jobs of 90 workers.
However, the survival of Atlantic Produce remains precarious. Cornered by financial difficulties and pressure from his European customers, Tony is finding it increasingly difficult to guarantee social gains: will he call into question the social model he wants to preserve? Will he come into conflict with those he has come to help?




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